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Wake County is known state-wide for its excellent school system.

In addition to the elementary, middle, and high schools located within Heritage, there are also several educational pre-schools and daycare programs conveniently situated in the community.

As in all regions that enjoy the growth characteristic of our area, new schools are opening to meet the needs of a growing school-age population.

Additionally, some schools operate on a traditional school-year calendar, while others are on a multi-track year-round calendar.

We encourage parents to visit the county school system’s website,, for the most up-to-date information on districting, new school planning, and other vital information.

Heritage is also fortunate to be situated in an area that offers many choices to parents and students according
to their special interests and educational needs.

Magnet and charter schools, as well as a large number of private schools, are among the options families may wish to explore.

Some helpful links:
Wake County Private Schools
Schools in Wake County School District


Educational Childcare
· The Primrose School of Heritage Wake Forest
· Kids R Kids
· Heritage Academy
· Hope Lutheran
· Goddard School -
Elementary Schools
· Heritage Elementary School
· Forest Pines Elementary School
· Wake Forest Elementary School
· Jones Dairy Elementary School
· Franklin Academy Charter School
· Thales Academy
· St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School
· Sanford Creek Elementary School
Middle Schools
· Heritage Middle School
· Wake Forest Middle School
· Franklin Academy Charter School
· Thales Academy
· St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School
· Rolesville Middle School
High Schools
· Wake Forest High School
· Knightdale High School
· Heritage High School
· Franklin Academy Charter School
· Thales Academy Charter School
· Rolesville High School

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